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It is not getting removed.

The Admins have noticed the petition about it being removed created by Halfy which currently has 126 votes with 96 yeses. We know you guys want it removed, but it is not. We have stated many times that it will not be removed for numerous reasons, such as we are trying to stick true to the books. We are not being homophobic about this. Saying so is very immature. If you are dying to have a homosexual cat, then go to a other WarriorCatsRP site. We are asking you all to respect our rules and not start making your cats homosexual, but not letting them have a crush/mate to get away with it. It is considered disrespectful.

Before you say, "But Tallstar and Jake were in a homosexual relationship! But Ravenpaw and Barely were in a homosexual relationship!" We had this rule before any of that is canon, and, it is not canon. We have had this rule for so long, but it is the most broken rule on WCP. Normal cats are not like that, and to many rebellions, fights, etc. has been created over this. It should not be removed if people think disobeying it all the time will. Please respect Rule 11. Thank you.